Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's been a while since I've posted a blog on here. But I'm sure most of you haven't noticed. Anyway, It's been a little busy lately (what with the birth of my second child and what not) but I keep thinking summer. It's fast approaching and it will leave many people with seemingly limitless amounts of time. Most of which will be wasted by sleeping in and staying up late to watch info-mercials (yes we know Oxy-clean works...We don't need to see it 8 million times between the hours of 2 am and 3 am).

With all of this in mind I would like to issue a challenge for many of you this summer. Here are some things you should stive to do.
1. Leave the state (go on a road trip...even if it's to Branson or Springfield)
2. Read a book (Don't faint!!!!!! You can do it!)
3. Catch fire flies (it may sound childish, but who hasn't enjoyed a good game of fire fly catcher)
4. Cook something for your parents
5. Go see a rock concert (something appropriate please)
6. Meet and be-friend someone new.
7. Attend Pulse regularly!!!!
8. Attend a life group (Starting in June!!)

Anyway, those are a few challenges for ya this summer. Reply with some of your plans for the summer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day...hhhmmm!

Many people celebrate this joyous occasion for different reasons. Here are a few:

1) You have your die-hard Irish nationalists who have no other day to be proud of being Irish than St. Pat's day. So, they go all out to show their Irish-pride. Every other day of the year the only beacon of pride they have is the "lucky charms" guy...Which isn't too bad, they are magically delicious.

2) You have the majority of the St. Pat's day merry-makers. These are the people who celebrate St. Pat's day simply as an excuse to get drunk. It's just like all the mid-western white people who celebrate Cinco-de-mayo. These are the same yahoos that think cinco de mayo is some new flavored mayonaise.

3) Next you have the super spirituals. These are the people who post blogs (just like mine) reminding everyone that St. Patrick was a "man of God" who blah blah blah and yackety schmackety. Then they try to draw a paralell between wearing green and Jesus. You know because "Green signifies the new life in Chirist that we all...." You get the point.

Here's why I celebrate St. Patrick's day. It is the one day a year where we can physically harm people and openly ostricize those who do not dress like we dress. "What? You're not wearing green? Pinch for you!" or "Step on your foot!" How glorious a day is this! We can openly discriminate against those who don't share in our affinity for the color green. I wear greeen today, you don't...here's a hearty helping of shame and humiliation. I think we should expand on this idea. St. Pat's day should open itself to include people with bad hair cuts, tuxedo t-shirts, bolo ties, socks with sandals, and other fashion malaties.

So here's to you St. Pat! Who would have thought that your following God into an unreached nation to spread His mesage of love and hope would turn into a giant commercial for a color!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Musings on Being sore!!!

Wow, what a weekend!

We had our 2nd annual Pulse "Lift" retreat in St. Louis. We ski'd, went to the arch and science center, we laughed, played, worshipped, ate...but did not sleep. No one sleeped. I would have to say my favorite part of the trip was sneaking out after putting all of you students to bed and eating at Steak and Shake. Yup, we snuck out! We broke the law!
What was your favorite part of the trip?

p.s. I don't care what some of you say...Imo's pizza is great!!!